Actual DAWM miraDry Patient Testimonials

Casie's Experience

"I have always had problems with excessive underarm sweat which made me very self conscious. I tried to keep my arms down and always have a sweater available to cover my sweat rings up. I have never been able to buy any shirt I wanted, it always had to be something that would hide sweat. After having the miraDry procedure, my life is changed! I never realized all the areas of my life that were affected. I am now more confident, can freely move my arms and can buy whatever shirts I want. It's like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders and I can relax. I am so grateful that I was able to have this procedure and would highly recommend it to others who can relate to my experiences."

Dan's Experience

"After years of excessive sweating, particularly in my arm pits, I decided to give MiraDry a chance. For reference, I would normally sweat just sitting at my desk at work, wearing a polo and undershirt. I cringe at the number of t-shirts this had prematurely ruined throughout my adult life!

The treatment itself was a breeze- I experienced absolutely zero pain, burning, or any other discomfort while the treatment was going on. I joked that I was "waiting for the catch" as things went so easily. I had previously read up on the post-treatment regimen of occasional icing and using ibuprofen and following this helped me to experience very minimal pain in the days following the treatment. I was pleasantly surprised that by day 2 or 3, my only side-effect was the swelling from the treatment. I had no pain at all!

I am now a month out from the MiraDry treatment, and I am happy to report zero sweating, zero pain, and no swelling! I enjoy telling others that, "I am not wearing deodorant" just to get their reaction. If you struggle with excessive sweating, I strongly encourage you to take a look at miraDry. Because of the miraDry treatment I am comfortable and confident that sweat will no longer play a role in my attire.


Cale's Experience

"Recently I underwent the miraDry treatment for axillary hyperhidrosis at Dermatology Associates of West Michigan with Dr. Ashack and Colleen, LPN. After suffering from excessive underarm perspiration since I was a teenager I was understandably excited when I first learned about this incredible new procedure. In the past I had tried every over the counter as well as prescription strength antiperspirant with not much luck and painful skin irritation and rashes. I would constantly worry that my shirts were visibly wet with perspiration or that I was developing body odor which caused a tremendous amount of anxiety. Over the past 5 years I had been utilizing injections with great success through Dr. Ashack. Despite this success, my health insurance coverage for the procedure had been decreasing every year, and the procedure needed to be repeated every 6 months; I was looking for a permanent remedy to this embarrassing issue. Dr. Ashack informed me that his office was now offering miraDry, a procedure that with 1-2 treatments would almost completely resolve my perspiration issue, permanently.

Dr. Ashack has been my Dermatologist since I was a young man and having difficulty with acne. The knowledge and care that he has provided me through the years has been nothing short of extraordinary, and for this reason, he has my full and absolute confidence and is why I initially considered miraDry through his recommendation. Starting with my initial consultation, my experience with Dermatology Associates was outstanding. As a practicing physician myself, I was in complete awe at the professionalism, compassion, knowledge, and follow through of the entire staff.

Generous anesthetic use prior to the procedure made the hour or so long experience comfortable and relaxing. Colleen did a wonderful job and routinely made sure that I was comfortable during the entire treatment, even offering warm blankets and a pillow for under my knees. To my surprise the procedure was absolutely, completely, 100% painless; if I hadn’t been watching, I would not have even known when the procedure started. I only experienced mild discomfort and swelling, but very tolerable, beginning about 12 hours after the procedure and continuing for the following day. The irritation felt like a slight sun burn, but was easily relieved with over the counter NSAIDs. By day two post-procedure I felt basically back to normal. The swelling almost completely resolved within 24 hours, with some minor “lumpiness” to my underarms for the next week.

Within the first 12 hours I already began to experience the benefits of miraDry, and haven’t used antiperspirant since! The hardest part of the entire experience has been reminding myself each morning that I no longer need antiperspirant and breaking my habit of constantly checking my underarms throughout the day for odor and sweat stains. This has truly been a life changing procedure for me. I no longer refrain from wearing light colored dress shirts and I don’t have to worry about always wearing an undershirt out of fear that my sweat will ruin and stain my favorite clothes. Without hesitation I will be recommending miraDry to my friends, family, and patients as a permanent solution to this unsightly and embarrassing problem. I am so pleased with my experience and results that I have already informed multiple friends. My only wish is that I would have been able to do this sooner. If you suffer from excessive underarm perspiration, as I once did, I highly recommend you contact Dermatology Associates of West Michigan and set up your own consultation for miraDry. The office and staff are truly top notch. I would personally like to thank Dr. Ashack, Colleen, and staff for the tremendous care I have received throughout my time as a patient; your office has truly set the bench mark for the best patient experience."